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SG42 - Junghundklasse Females 

 German Sieger Show 2022  

Julia von Arlett 

BH, AD , IGP 1 , Angekort

HD normal          ED normal      DNA Proven


V: VA Ibor vom Huhngrab ( V12 BSZS 2021 ) X M: VA Rimini von Arlett ( V13 BSZS 2021 )

Julia came to us at 8 months of age after placing VV2 at her first show in OG Koln-Mukheim as a puppy under SV Judge Norbert Scharschmidt . Julia is the first and only Ibor Vom Huhnegrab daughter in Ireland or the UK. 

Finishing in V12 at the German Sieger Show this year 2021 Ibor is a very exciting male in Germany being a son of the beautiful VA Spencer Di Casa Masserelli. 

 Julias mother is the top producing female for Margit Van Dorssen VA Rimini von Arlett who finished a fantastic V13 at this years German Sieger Show.

Julia has started her IGP training following a successful season in Germany topped off with a superb weekend at the German Sieger Show 2022 in Nuremberg where she placed SG42 in the main stadium on the Final day of judging..   








Dolce vom Schernberg

HD normal  ED normal  DNA proven 

V: V26 BSZS 2022 Untox aus der Brunnenstrasse IGP3 Angekort (Brother to VA1 Usher)         X        Romy von Adeloga IGP 1 Angekort


Dolce is a beautiful young female retained from our latest litter from Romy and Untox. 

Several of her litter mates are also destined to enjoy careers in the show ring and we wish all of their new owners the very best of luck with them.  

Dolce is now based in Germany with Sandra Ansmann from April 2023 and has begun her show career. It is hoped she will make an appearance at the 2023 German Sieger Show in Nurnberg in September.

09.07.2023  OG- Kaiserlautern - VV6 : Judge Dirk Sheerer (SV)

15.07.2023 OG- Eberbach - VV3 - Judge: Jens Lambertus (SV) 

29.07.2023 OG Gross Zimmern Mitte  - VV3 - Judge: Mandy Menzel (SV)

30.07.2023  OG Duisburg - Wedau  -  VV4 - Judge: Herr Harald Hohmann (SV)  

Pictured taken at OG Duisburg of Dolce at 11 months old.




"V2" Gaga von Arlett

V:  VA2  Uzzo von Arlett IGP3     X     VA Rimini von Arlett IGP3  (V3  BSZS 2021)

IGP 2  - Korung 2023 / 2024

BH / AD Character test passed 

HD normal  /  ED normal   &  DNA Proven


Another very promising youngsters sent over to us from our partner Margit Van Dorssen at the Arlett Kennels in Cologne. We look foward to where our journey will bring us with them in 2021

Gaga "Heidi" 01/08/2021 LG Wanne-Nord  "SG-8" JKLH Judge Norbert Scharschmidt  ( SV)

                                 14/08/2021 OG Koln-Mulheim  "SG-12" JKLH  Judge Norbert Scharschmidt  (SV)

                                        15/08/2021 LG Hanover-Mitte  "SG-7" JKLH   Judge Helmut Buss (SV Vice President)

04/12/2022  LG Oirsbeek - Limburg  "V-2" GHKLH Judge Mandy Menzel (SV) 

Drama von Arlett
( at 4.5 months )


Drama comes to us from Germany at only 4.5 months of age from our first Litter with her mother Gaga who we had mated to the 2022 Youth Sieher and V4 in 2023 Bazooka De Casa Celta. We are thrilled with the results from this litter and we are very excited withthe promise Drama is showing us at this stage of her development. 

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