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About Us

************ R.I.P ************

Matthew J Plunkett
05.02.1933  -  25.11.2020

Our Beginnings 
Welcome to our site, we have bred and Shown German Shepherd Dogs under the Registered Kennel Name "PINEBROOK" since it was first established by my now deceased father Matthew in 1975. 
Throughout our childhood we spent all our time surrounded by german shepherd dogs at home, as children growing up our father Matthew became interested in the breed and began breeding, Judging, training and showing for obedience trials initially and then in the presentation side of the sport, this naturally lead me to develop an interest from a very early age, it was common place that i attended dog shows from the age of 5 and upwards, these were family occasions in those early years . 
My initial involvement was on the handling and presentation side of the sport and this began at the age of 8 years old in 1979 one of my earliest memories was in 1983 when at the age of 12 years i took the Green Star and BEST OF BREED with a very popular grey sable male at the time named Champion Eweslan Dax. 
Since then i have been handling German Shepherds competitively both at home and abroad enjoying many successes piloting many top dogs to Championship titles and SV Gradings, i have had the pleasure of handling many famous and truly beautiful animals over the years. 
During the 80's and 90's i enjoyed a hugely successful period inside the show rings at home and in the UK.

During this period i was fortunate to have the opportunity to make numerous appearances inside the ring at the premier event for our breed the German Sieger show, One of the highlights for me was getting the opportunity to handle a dog at the German Sieger Show in 1989 bred by Gerd Reims of the Kennel Kahler Heide, this had been arranged for me by none other than Herr Walter Martin of the famous Wienerau Kennels. I still hold very fond memories of those times, being in the company of such charismatic and influential people in the breed was inspiring to say the least.    
Our dogs continue to conform to the breed standard and meet all requirements regarding health screening while making beautiful additions to the families and lives of those who have been fortunate to acquire one.
Certificate presented by the SV in Germany in 2012 to commemorate my 25 years association with the organisation.
 These Days we are assisted and supported in the dog sport by fellow enthusiast and lover of the breed Mr Tony O Halloran who as co-owner of our kennel is now flying the flag for Pinebrook GSD's in the west of Ireland. Tony is hugely knowledgeable of the breed and brings a new vitality and drive to the team.  

  Some of the prizes won in Germany at the Sieger Show and breed shows

Judge and Breed Credentials     
  • German Shepherd Kennel Prefix "Pinebrook" registered in 1975.
  • I proudly becomes an associated member of the Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV) Germany in 1987.
  • Mark Plunkett has been a respected Breed Specialist / FCI Conformation Championship Show Judge since 1994.
  • I have judged both at home and abroad including the UK & Ireland and also in Sweden.
  • I am also qualified to judge the breed internationally at Championship Show level held under FCI regulations. 
  •  In 2019 i was elected to the role of President of The German Shepherd Dog Club Of Ireland 
  • I am currently GSDCI club Representative to the WUSV in Germany.   

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