Me pictured with Herr Walter Martin (SV) in 1989 winning V1 Adult Female Class and BOB.
With CH Astral Lass of Pinebrook  V1
V: Cito Vom Konigsbruch  M: Eweslan Iris
Pictured in 1989, Ch Astral Lass of Pinebrook V1
Her Sister
Jezail of Pinebrook  V1
Remus of Pinebrook V1
Jericho of Pinebrook 
V1 Rated  SchH1 AD  HD/ED normal
Vater: VA1 (B) Fedor Von Steinway-Park 
Mutter: Lucy Von Der Maleiche

SG8 Jugend Klasse 2002 German Sieger Show
Quiro Vom Deutschherrenhof
SchH3 FH  Kkl1  ZB: V
Vater: Saber Vom Steffen Haus   Mutter: Ronda Vom Tweelerland
SG4 at 2007 German Sieger Show 
"VA1" Xaro von Ben Harten SchH3 Kkl1
Me handling VA1 Xaro Von Ben Harten (Sieger Zamp Thermodos x VA Anta Ben Harten) at his first ever show event in Ireland in 2010 under Herr Peter Knaul (SV) , WINNING V1, Green Star Male, Best Of Breed. 
Lux von der Kahler Heide
At German Sieger Show 1989
SG62 In Jugend Klasse with Lux Von Der Kahler Heide (Pic Above)
Arranged by Herr Walter Martin and Lux's breeder Herr Gerd Reims to handle Lux at the Sieger in 1989 Karlsruhe Germany. I am 17 yrs of age and very much fitter then than i am now, super memories and super times they were in the dog world, back then the Sieger was Iso Vom Bergmannshof, top stud sire was Double Sieger Uran Vom Wildteigerland, some judges who were prevelant at the time were Dr Beck, Hermann Martin, Gerd Dexel, Wieneke, Nyman, Oster, Huhn
AT 2010 German Sieger Show in Nurnberg
JHKLH Cat No : 4135   Nanzee Von Pritoria
2006 German Youth Sieger SG1 & V24 2007 Sieger Show
2006 BSZS in Oberhausen, "SG1 German Youth Sieger"
2007 BSZS in Braunschweig, "V24 Working Class"
10 Times SG1 in Germany
Wilson Von Der Schnuckenweide SchH3 FH Kkl1
2011 German Sieger Show 
At 2011 German Sieger Show In Nurnberg
JKLR Cat No: 5264 "Zam Von Ben Harten"  SG56
Me handling Zam Von Ben Harten in the best ring of JKLR on Sunday Morning.
At 2012 German Sieger Show
VA Figo daughter Xeena Vom Clarcro
JHKLH Class     Cat no:4147

Show Judging
Pictured judging at a Championship show this year