One of the Worlds Best Grey Sable GSD's
From Germamy's No 1 Kennel
 "Vom Fichtenschlag"

A Fantastic 2019

"V 5 Dutch Sieger Show 2019"

"V 65  German Sieger Show 2019"

9 x Times V - Rated in Germany in 2019

Larus vom Fichtenschlag 
IGP 2    Korklasse 1   ZB: V (Ger)
SZ 2322062
HD : normal. ED : normal 
Rücken : normal  Luw : 0

Date of Birth 4/1/2016
V: VA Djambo vom Fichtenschlag SchH3 kKL1
M: Xania von den Paderquellen IPO3 Kkl1

2018 Shows 

  • VV2 Puppy Class - Judge: Hans Ludger Goke (SV Germany)

  • VV1 Puppy Class - Herr Joachim Steigler (SV Germany)

  • SG2 Junghundklasse Ruden Treuenbrietzen - Here Joachim Steigler (SV Germany)

  • SG11 Junghundklasse Ruden Wallenstein - Torsten Kopp (SV Germany)

  • SG6 Junghundklasse Ruden Berlin/Brandenburg - Herr Lothar Quoll (SV - National Breed Warden)

2019 SHOWS 

  • V-8 Working Class : NaturPark Dummer  - Frau Margit van Dorssen (SV Germany) 

  • V-8 Working Class : OG Greven - Herr Uwe Sprenger (SV Germany)   

  • V-4 Working Class : OG Asperden - Herr Nikki Messler (SV Germany)

  • V-4 Working Class : OG Thedinghausen - Herr Helmut Buss (SV Germany)

  • V-17 Working Class : DJJM 2019 Philippsthal - Herr Lothar Quoll (SV Germany)

  • V-5 Working Class : Netherlands Sieger Show 2019  : Herr Harald Hohmann (SV Germany)

  • V-10 Working Class : LG Hamm /Westfalen show : Herr Norbert Scharschmidt (SV Germany)
  • V - 23 Working Class : LG Bad Fallingbostel : Herr Lothar Quoll (SV Germany)

  • V-65 Working Class : Bundessiegerzuchtschau Nuremberg 2019 : Herr Lothar Quoll (SV Germany)

Larus has fulfilled and exceeded all our expectations this year with some superb results in the show ring at the highest level possible in Germany.
Gaining his IGP2 working qualification earlier in the spring of 2019 Larus went on to record some excellent results, competing in the stadium at the Dutch Sieger Show passing his protection phase of the competition and then attaining the superb position of V5.
In September 2019 he traveled to the Big Stage, the German Sieger Show run by the SV in Nuremberg .
All of our dreams are now complete , Larus came good again passing his protection test with ease and impressing the National Breed Warden Lothar Quoll in his stand examination resulting in Larus getting placed V65 out of 205 males in his class representing the worlds best specimens of the breed.

We thank the training team Padraig Flanagan at home and in Germany Birgit, Nikki and Marvin for all their dedication and efforts.

 Proudly Owned since he was a puppy by Mark Plunkett & Jimmy Smyth.  

Contact: Mark Plunkett   
Tel : 00353852705021

Contact: Jimmy Smyth
Tel: 00353879433737





Back Home With Us 

"SG 2" Owen von Arlett
Dare of Birth 16/6/2018
HD normal , ED normal , LUW : Good , OCD free

V: VA1 Gary vom Huhnegrab
M: V26 Puzzy von Arlett
Owen's first show in Germany this weekend 6/7/2019 Result : "SG 2"

Show Results

SV- OG Wiesbaden Bierstadt - JKLR : SG2 - Judge Gunter Schwedes (SV)
SV-OG Paderborn - JKLR : SG8 - Judge Norbert Scharschmidt (SV)
A very promising son of World Champion Gary vom Huhnegrab out of the stunning V26 Puzzy von Arlett from the kennels of Margit van Dorssen (SV) in Cologne, Germany.
We are very optimistic that Owen will be a male who can contribute positively to the breed here in Ireland and we intend to exhibit him in Germany and at home . Many thanks to Margit Van Dorssen for allowing us to attain such an excellent young male. 

Owner Kevin Brady/Managed by Pinebrook GSDs  



Highlander von der Liebeswarte

SG1  Junghund Sieger
 at Hohenleipisch e.V, Germany.
 Judge: Frau Herms (SV)
"Landesgruppen Vice - Junghund Sieger"
(LG03)  Lehrte/Hannover, Germany 
 Judge Herr Fetten (SV) 
"Highlander von der Liebeswarte"
HD: a-normal (a1)  ED: normal  DNA proven   ZW: 72   ZB: SG
V: VA Yankee vom Feuermelder SchH3 Kkl1
M: Yule vom Feldle SchH2 Kkl1
(Landi pictured above and below in Germany) 
  • 17.08.2014 Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau LG 17 ,  D-Mittelpöllnitz e.V. Junghundklasse Rüden, SG5 Hans-Peter Fetten
(2014 Sieger Show Judge)   
  • 03.08.2014     OG-D-Hohenleipisch e.V. Junghundklasse Sieger,
SG1  Nancy Herms
  • 27.07.2014   Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau LG 18-Nossen,       Junghundklasse Rüden, SG7  Helmut Buß 
22 males in class (2014 Sieger Show Judge)
  • 13.07.2014    Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau LG 03 D-Lehrte/Hann. e.V.
Junghundklasse Vice Sieger
 SG2  Hans-Peter Fetten (2014 Sieger Show Judge)
RIP Highlander - Taken from us far too soon but never forgotten



BVA HD 8:6  ED O:O
V: Highlander von der Liebeswarte
M: Engel vom Rauschenbergblick

Show results 2016

SG1 under SV Judge Joachim Steigler (Germany)
SG2 under SV Judge Hans Ludgar Goke (Germany)
V 1 under SV Judge John Lifjjit (Holland)
V4 undwe SV Judge Mardel Mingolet
V2 under SV Judge Hans Joachim Dux (Germany) 

Highlander on a fast lap


A World Class Male Who Spent Some Time With Us 

(VA1) Peru von Ben Harten
HD fast normal , ED normal
SchH2 ,  Korklasse 1

VA1 British Sieger Show 2010
V23 German Sieger Show 2010
SG4 German Sieger Show 2009
11 Times V - Rated in Germany



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