Romy von Adeloga
DOB  03/08/2020
VA Jax dei Precision    X    Maxima von Arminius

Romy is a beautiful young female puppy from VA Jax out of the stunning SG20 & V51 Maxima von Arminius . 
Maxima is a daughter of Double Sieger Ballack out of Leitzia von Arminius. 
Maxima, Romys mother carries the bloodline of a female now deceased that I once owned Lucy von der Maleiche through her father line Double Sieger Ballack von der Brucknerallee. 
This was the driving force behind acquiring Romy from her breeders. 
Romy comes to us at just 16 weeks of age from the Legendary Kennel "von Adeloga" made famous by Albert Josef Platz in 1968 and now under the control of Iris Pichler and Michael Benin

VA Jax Dei Precision                                V51   Maxima von Arminius


Gaga von Arlett
Uzzo von Arlett IGP3   X   Rimini von Arlett IGP3
A beautiful young female owned in partnership with her breeder Margit Van Dorssen. Gaga will return to her trainer in Germany in May 2021 for the upcoming show season.


Baroness von Arlett
Born 02.12.2019

V : VA Mars von Aurelius  x  M: Flirt von Arlett (Fight HoltkamperHof Daughter)

Brother and sister Bogomil and Baroness von Arlett from the world famous kennel of Margit van Dorssen in Cologne in Germany.  
Sired by the exciting VA 11 Mars von Aurelius who is a beautiful son of Zorro La Mirage now in China. 
Baroness and her Brother Bogamil are owned in partnership with us and their breeder Margit van Dorssen. 


Umbria von Arlett
Born 16/03/2019
HD : fast normal / ED: normal / DNA Proven

VA Henko vom Holtkamper Hof   x   Lexi von Arlett 
  ( Lexi is a VA1 Gary Daughter)
Umbria pictured above at training club in Holland in August 2020 at 17 mths.

Many thanks to Margit for working with us again and allowing us to have this stunning VA Henko daughter who will be a big hit in and outside the show ring both here and abroad. 
Umbria returns to Germany in Spring 2020 to begin her show career.   

Umbria is co-owned by Margit van Dorssen, Mark Plunkett & Jimmy Smyth


V1 Adult Siegerin British Sieger Show 2016
Pinebrook Finesse @ Mascani
V:  VA1 Peru Von Ben Harten SchH3 Kkl1
M: Ussi vom Grimbergerschloss SchH1 kKL1
Pictured above Finesse on the top step of the podium at the 2016 British Sieger Show Winning "V1Adult Siegerin" Title with her handler Craig Rice and Owner Maureen Lakin
A beautiful young female making a real name for herself on the show circuit in the UK for her new owners, we wish her and her owners Maureen and Zep all the very best with their future en-devours. 

Proudly owned by
Maureen and Zep of Mascani GSD Kennels (UK)


21/1/2005  to  4/5/2016
" Usica Von Der Wilhelmswarte " 
 SchH1    Kkl1 : LBZ     ZB: "V"
Vater:  VA3 Dux De Cuatro Flores  SchH3 Kkl1 
 Mutter:  Luci Vom Feuermelder SchH1 Kkl1
In 2010 at the German Sieger Show in Nuremberg Usica from 1 litter alone produced the following:
  Jeck Wilhelmswarte SG 41 JHKL Herr Weber
Juri Wilhelmswarte SG 50 JHKL Herr Weber
Jovanna Wilhelmswarte SG 47 JHKL N Scharschmidt
Usica is a top producing VA3 Dux daughter from the world famous
"Von Der Wilhelmswarte" Kennels of Herr Günter Schwedes (SV). 
She is litter sister to the beautifull "Uran Von Der Wilhelmswarte" SchH3, "V1 at 2008 BSZS In Aachen, Germany. 
Usica made a name for herself in Germany producing not 1 but 3 progeny all making it into the top classes of the German Sieger Show in 2010 in Nuremberg. It is a feat in itself for a female to get 1 of her sons or daughters into a top group but to get 3 into the top group of a class in the same year is a phenomal achievement.
And still her legacy lives on, Usica's grandson Ricola von der Wilhelmswarte placed SG12 in the youth class at the 2012 German Sieger show in Ulm.   

"VA2" Nino von Tronje

"SG9" Engel vom Rauschenbergblick
HD: a-normal  ED: normal  DNA gepruft  ZB: SG (Ger)
V: Res Sieger VA2 Nino von Tronje SchH3 Kkl1
M: Engel von Aurelius SchH1 Kkl1 (VA1 Vegas Daughter)
Many thanks to our good friend Martin Moller for affording us the opportunity to acquire Engel, she is proudly owned in partnership with Tony O'Halloran.
Engel at 2014 German Sieger Show
Engel is now based in Germany for the 2014 season with her new trainer and keeper Mareike Weber Kerek 
  • 24.08.14 OG-Zucht und Nachwuchsschau (LG07) D-Bad Lippspringe
Jugendklasse Hündinnen, SG9 Wilhelm Nordsieck
  • 27.07.2014 Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau LG 07, D-Espelkamp,
Junghundklasse Hündinnen, SG27 Albrecht Woerner
  • 16.03.2014 OG-Zucht- und Nachwuchsschau (LG 07)D-Gütersloh e.V.,
Jugendklasse Hündinnen, SG10 Hans-Joachim Dux



Lucy Von Der Maleiche  
ZB: V1  SchH1 ED/HD Normal
vater:Saber Von Steffen Haus SchH3 Kkl1
mutter: Betty von Der Maleiche SchH1 Kkl1
Lucy was SG184 Under Joachim Dux in JKLH 2002 German Sieger Show in Karlsruhe
A super moving female with beautiful construction who has proved herself to be a fantastic producer just like her full sister to Holly von Der Maleiche who is the mother of V1 BSZS Bravos Von Steffen Haus and VA9 BSZS Chiara Vom Steffen Haus. 



Highlander von der Liebeswarte   x   Engel vom Rauschenbergblick



Peru von Ben Harten  x Ussi vom Grimbergerschloss